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The Future

Our goal is to be able to build and deliver 10,000 homes nationally per year by 2027 including funding for all lease to own, MHA mortgages, and special loan programs through our lending partnership arm. This production volume will be in conjunction with our existing manufacturing partners and our own gigafactories.


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Lending & Digital Platform

Symbol Advantage is currently aligning with a sister company Pat-it-One ( as a lending partner to provide manufacturing lending, lease-to-own lending, 30-year mortgage lending. Both lending investors (large and micro) and home buyers will be able to conduct financial transaction in either fiat or crypto for investments, purchases, or payments. The digital Web3 platform includes completed meta-verse communities, transactions, assets under management, marketing, secondary service market platform, and all transactions.

Warehouse Shelves


Distribution Company

Symbol Advantage is currently aligning with a new distribution and logistics company so supply all key building components and supplies and responsible for all MHA foundation training. National leadership has been secured as of 7/15/2022


Master Plan Communities in 3 States
Direct Sales in 2 States
2,500 Homes in Production

Symbol Advantage growth model is to lead into each qualified city market with one master plan community to identify all service providers market per quarter which includes 4 city markets. 

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Real Estate Title Transactions

Deploy IBC node to store and transfer ownership of property rights and other licensing documents. Interlock-Blockchains act as notaries in which you can use to verify ownership or revocation of property. Map and merge FATCo or other data point source for national APN and title data. Our IBC node will automatically generate digital title deeds. The system will then automatically mint as NFTs with set smart transition contract and payables upon all future transactions. 


Master Plan Communities in 5 States
Direct Sales in 12 States
10,000 Homes in Production

Symbol Advantage growth model is one master market per quarter which includes 4 city markets. 

Suburban Homes


5 Model Home Centers with
10,000 Homes Reserved

Through direct sales, master plan communities, OEM builder sales, DTI declined loan applicants from major banks, and our reserve a home tool. Symbol Advantage looks to exceed 10,000 homes in process with sales that carry forward year over year.


2 Megafactories in Production
20,000 Units Per Year Per Factory

Each megafactory will be roughly 500,000 sq ft with a location centrally located to each market demand and will be able to produce MHA certified homes to code for each state. Through a partnership with one of the largest car manufactures in the world Symbol Advantage is starting to develop the most streamline home manufacturing process and plants in the world.

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