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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

"You are either making a difference or standing on the sidelines." President, Symbol Advantage, Inc.

Working Together


We know that a diverse and inclusive company leads to more engaged employees, creates more effective teams and fosters greater innovation and creativity, so we are fiercely committed to advancing this work.


We focus on two key areas: Community, and the team that serves them. This not only reflects our commitment, but also illustrates our holistic approach to embedding D&E into all aspects of our business, where everyone will be accountable to ensuring its success and the success of its customers.

Playing Basketball
People Clapping


We are focusing on a more inclusive workplace to ensure a better connection to our diverse customers and build shared-value partnerships with diverse communities, customers, suppliers, and organizations, positioning Symbol as a preferred brand.

Our Goal

To represent America and the American Dream for our customers and our employees. To live and promote equality in a way that is achievable and improves the lives of everyone in our echosphere.

A Happy Family
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